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Perfect sex doll. Quite large, the biggest one I have and it feels excellent. The internal texture is one of the best I have tried. It is very tight and really hugs as you go in and out. It has virtually no odor and looks and feels like a real girl, or as close as it can be.

19 hours ago

I received mine a couple weeks ago. I'm quite happy with it. It's not a high-end $2,000 doll. But it's not a cheap novelty store item either. It's exactly what you would want for the price. A decent economy product. I think it's a good first doll for somebody who wants to try one. But doesn't want to take a loan out to do so.
I was pleasantly surprised to find they have polite, responsive customer service. I haven't had to wait more than a day or so for a response to a question and they have never been rude. They even helped me solve a storage problem I was having. This was something they had no obligation to do. It's good old-fashioned, small business, customer care.
As other reviews have said the doll is a little heavy. But once you workout storage and your methods for moving it around. As well as methods for taking care of it. It's not bad. I was informed by the company after purchasing to be careful of a joint in the dolls back. If pushed too far forward it can break. Since I am conscious of it I haven't had any problems. I appreciated the company's honesty about it. Like I said it's a decent product for the money you pay. Which was exactly what I wanted.

19 hours ago

I love my new doll. She is very beautiful. The larger dolls are much better quality especially the hands. Much more natural movement as well for better positioning.

19 hours ago

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