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Do you look for the best custom sex doll store? How much does it cost to get a custom sex doll? How to make your own sex doll? If it is the situation you have finally achieved the correct online shop. Our sex doll shop is offering the most advanced sex doll at a reasonable price, Rich customization options, satisfy your crazy fantasies. Users can choose from a variety of options such as sex doll heads, wigs, eyes, skin color, and more. Most of the customize sex doll options are free, and some options charge a little fee, such as standing feet options, pubic hair, Voice, Heating System, etc.
There are a number of reasons why you should and ought to choose and buy a sex doll from us today.

Customize sex dolls from ESDoll Orginal Factory

Custom Sex Dolls Option – Design Your Dream Sex Doll

Other featured categories you may be interested in TPE sex dolls, silicon sex dolls, huge boobs sex dolls, big butt sex dolls, mini & tiny sex dolls, chubby sex dolls, celebrity sex dolls, anime sex dolls, Japanese sex dolls, American sex doll, torso sex dolls, or custom sex dolls using the following steps :

1.Choose the body

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You can choose the height from 100 CM to 173 CM, and the cup from A to E cup. Please refer to the following picture for your reference. There is a part of the height picture.

custom sex doll height

View sex dolls at different heights:140cm Sex Dolls (4.59ft), Sex Doll 4.43ft (135cm), Sex Doll 4.52ft (138cm), Sex Doll 4.75ft (145cm), Sex Doll 4.85ft (148cm), Sex Doll 5.02ft (153cm), Sex Doll 5.08ft (155cm), Sex Doll 5.11ft (156cm), 158cm Sex Dolls (5.18ft), Sex Doll 5.25ft (160cm), Sex Doll 5.28ft (161cm), Sex Doll 5.31ft (162cm), Sex Doll 5.34ft (163cm), Sex Doll 5.41ft (165cm), Sex Doll 5.45ft (166cm), Sex Doll 5.51ft (168cm), 170cm Sex Dolls (5.57ft)

2. Choose the skin color and eye color for your sex doll

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Tan, Natural, black, or wheat there are 4 skin colors for your choice. Choose the 4 eye colors for your sex doll, she will have a pair of beautiful eyes.

sex doll skin color

3. Select eye color:

(refer to How to repair sex doll eyelash )

custom sex doll eye color

4. Select the sex doll heads

(refer to How to makeup a sex doll head)
There are more than 1000 heads for your choice. The following is a part of the heads for your reference.
Just leave us the link of the doll head or SKU you want in the message box and we will process the order on receipt of your order.
Click the link to order a sex doll head: Extra Sex Doll Heads Replacement Love Doll Head

custom a sex doll head

5. Choose the sex doll wig

(refer to How to clean sex doll wig )
Different dolls fit different hairstyles, please choose a suitable wig for your doll.
The following is a part of the wigs for your reference:

custom wig style and color

6. Choose the build-in vagina or insert vagina for your doll:

( refer to Fixed Built-in Vagina Is Better Than Removable Insert Vagina for Sex Dolls )

custom sex doll vagina

7. Choose sex doll Standing function or no standing:

( How to install standing foot option for sex dolls )

standing up sex doll and no-standing sex doll style

8. Customize sex doll vagina pubic hair or no pubic hair:

pubic hair style with sex doll

9. Customize Solid, Gel-Filled Breast, EVO Skeleton Sex Dolls

( refer to Difference Between Solid, Hollow, and Gel-Filled Breast Sex Dolls | What is different Standard skeleton and EVO skeleton )


10. Customize Finger & Toe Nail Color


11. Advanced features: smart sex doll voice and body heating system

Click the link to know: smart sex doll voice system and body heating system

sex doll sound and heating function

 12. Advanced features: Vaginal automatic sucking and Electric hip system

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electric buttocks, vagina-sucking sex dolls

13. Insertable Penis Add-On

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Build A Customize Sex Doll FAQ

Can I fully customize my sex dolls?

Yes, you can build your love dolls into personalized ones. For most of the sex dolls, we offer whole while body part options to customize her appearance (eye color, skin tones, hairstyles, vaginal types, standing up option, Skeleton Type, Breast Style, Finger & Toe Nail Color, Intelligent style: Voice, BodyHeating, Vaginal Sucking, Auto Hip, Add-on Penis). fully create your own sex doll.

What do I need to provide for custom-made sex dolls?

Normally, the customization service is to rebuild a sex doll. Sex doll makers design your own sex doll according to your custom choices, Then, the doll factory will be a professional team to help you with this task. After you submit an order, According to these doll custom options you provide, through 3D data modeling, and body different parts design, After the doll mold is made, start to customize the sex doll, and finally complete the delivery.

Can I customize other real people except for your store’s customized doll?

yes. Of course, Although the entire customization process of customizable real people will be more complicated, you only need to provide materials/photos, make payments, and confirm whether the model is satisfied. The rest of the work will be done by our professional team. Our professional services can be expensive, so make sure you have your needs and budget before making up your mind.

More Cost-effective Customization Service: Only for Replacement Sex Doll Head Customization

Most of the guests will custom face sex doll, simply put, it is the head face of the custom doll. Many people want to keep the most important person in their life by their side forever. To customize a sex doll that looks the same as your wife or crush goddess. So, as long as the head of the doll looks like the person you know, and the body, you can choose one from the manufacturer’s body model by basic height, cup, fat and thin, etc. This saves money and reduces the time for customization.

How long does it take to custom a sex doll?

Customized service is not an easy job, the time required to create other real people is 1-2 months. the time required to create our store-customized sex doll is 3-5 work days.


After customizing sex dolls, you can then familiarize yourself with how to use a sex doll and help you learn more about sex dolls. ESDoll can not only satisfy all your wild fantasies but will be your Favorite life lover。

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