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  1. I’ve never purchased a sex toy of any kind, and tried this big sex doll torso, was looking for some sort of realism in between the real thing.

    Keep in mind this is based on my own taste and experience – and my own expectations for what I feel the product should be.

    I’m not going to lie, generally I was satisfied, but I gave it 5 stars I think it’s a decent product, i’ll try to be objective about the sex doll torso’ feeling.

    1. Visually appealing, its not big enough to be considered life size except you buy over 150cm height adult sex doll, (You can already tell by the dimensions) but it’s big enough that it gives you a little bit of the realism of feeling something against your hips, etc. The body is well proportioned and is nice to look at.
    2. The option of having two sex holes is nice
    3. Initial insertion both feels very nice and looks very nice
    4. The material moves back and forth when you come into contact with it.
    5. Can be a nice alternative to using your hand

    To be quite frank, It can provide any more intense of an orgasm than using other mastubration toys, the visual appeal is a nice turn on.

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  2. Stunning! Absolutely beautiful! Buy this one. She’s smaller than other full body adutl doll with head, light (about 36lbs), but hefty enough to feel lifelike in my hands. Her shape is gorgeous; she is incredibly detailed; her skin is actual flesh color, unlike some of these dolls that are literally pink or purple instead of human skin color.

    Her b00bs are about the size of softballs, so supple and smooth; her skin feels so luxurious. I can’t vouch for how she might function in certain parts. However, her parts look anatomically correct and like a grown woman’s parts. The inside has more ribbing and nubs than a natural one would but also has the natural parts included, which was important to me.

    If you’re looking to replace a real woman, nothing can’t do that. For my purposes, she is very nearly perfect and I give her five stars all the way! Totally beautiful! I know my friends will expect me to share! Good luck with that, baby!

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  3. The adult doll looks and feels great, it came faster than expected, So far, I’ve found ESDoll to be the best merchant for love dolls anywhere. 10% of discount sales, great custom option selection, and customer support are diligent and caring. Really, I can’t think of a better option than ESDoll when it comes to shopping for love dolls.

    Image #1 from Thomas R Scott
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  4. I have bought 3 sexdolls, In 2 dolls from SexDollie and ZLDoll online adult shop, and the 166cm Jana doll from the ESDoll shop.
    By the way with my order with ESDoll I find out how they are professional they give the power of the buyer. after I pay Situation was not in my control ..but Communication with ESDoll and more sex doll reviews stating the Amazing product and servicer service was perfect.
    The Jana 166cm doll that I ordered from ESDoll is great and not too heavy, I have to say that was my best experience everything goes smoothly they are listening to me and doing whatever I want.

    Image #1 from Mel Scott
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  5. Buying a sex doll can be nerve racking and I’ve tried several different sellers. Esdoll is by far the most accommodating and helpful. Also in my experience had the fastest response time and best email customer service.
    Packaged immaculately, came with a bunch if extra doll accessories, and expertly crafted. Love the purchase. Will be loving her and more for quite a long time, thanks to the instruction manual.

    Image #1 from Jodi Glimpse
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  6. From the very beginning, Shopping in ES Doll is a pleasure. The adult sex shop is well maintained and easy to navigate and place your order. My doll arrived a week agao, lookuped the doll’s head and body, it is better than I had expected.
    All in all the personal service and attention to a customers needs and expectations places ES Doll in the top of sex doll the top category.
    I can with all confidence recommend them to anyone looking to shop for love dolls and accessories.

    Image #1 from Preston
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  7. I still enjoy this realistic love doll design and hope to see more thick doll variations in the future.
    Nice details on head and most of body. Since she is not BBW heavy body and small breast Curve lightweight body , her knees buckle and stand or lean anyway. The stand-up body show give you a attractively spread out way. I think we’ll see similar advancement in doll realism.

    Image #1 from Brian Schofield
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  8. I received Drothy 158cm doll two weeks ago. Opened the box and …..WOW.. jaw-drop. The lifelike nude body was incredible. . If I were to start my buying experience all over I would have started with ESDoll from the beginning.. That would have saved me money from the start… Anyway, this doll is worth buying.

    Image #1 from Esteban
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  9. My experience was great this being my first purchase from ES Doll, I have to say the factory customize sex doll is very truly impressive. Customer service was great as well all my questions and requests were answered in a fast and timely manner, I received updates on my doll from purchase to completion making my doll. The doll was well packaged and she had all the custom requests that I had asked for a true work of art, Thank you to everyone at ES Doll.

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  10. The 163 curvy doll is very realistic and worth every penny! Not only realistic in looks but also the vagina is close in comparison! So if you’re looking for a real feel, you found what you’re looking for! I will say, each of these is unique in appearance. Carlia’body doesn’t look exactly like the picture, but, She is absolutely beautiful!
    I read more about the sex doll review stating FIVE STARS! Customer service is 100%! They’ve helped me with every question, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

    Image #1 from Jim Bouchard
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  11. My big tit girl is lovely and came out better than I had expected. There was no extra fee for the custom skin color, This Love Doll feels so real and looks absolutely stunning, she a great addition to my collection. the ESDoll doll is high quality and gets the details just right.ESDoll is a fantastic seller A+++

    Image #1 from Roberto
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  12. The mini doll is impeccable. A little stressful considering the investment to have to wait. About 10 days from the order date to delivery. But I guess it’s to be expected to be shipped from the other side of the doll factory. Considering the price of this gorgeous dolI, all in all, it’s fucking worth it.

    Image #1 from Pam
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  13. I am very pleased with for all the help they gave me in making the right choices for my first-time purchase of an ultra-beautiful medical TPE sex doll. They were very detailed in explaining to me through sales emails my questions on what I could order, expect and do with the doll. I found that in researching sites, ESDoll was highly reputable and had access to dozens of doll manufacturers. My doll arrived in excellent condition and my post-sales & arrival questions were answered by ESDoll to my satisfaction.

    When I buy my second love doll, I will be going through again because of the knowledge and experience they have in making you not only feel appreciated, but in helping you get exactly what you want to make your life the best it can be with your new companion, lover, whatever it is you are moving towards with the purchase you’re making for a doll, they only made it better for me. Thank you so very much for your help.
    I have some photos of the ES DOLL factory and a photo of my doll dressed in clothes I purchased for her to show her off. I purchased two different heads valued at 300 USD each of head as well.

    Image #1 from carlito s
    Image #2 from carlito s
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  14. After my wife told me I was bad at sex, I purchase this doll to practice. Incredible, she looks so real, the details of the body are a highlight! The sex is incredible!!! SEX IS BETTER WITH DOLL THAN WIFE!
    Buy a love DOLL!! Thanks, ESDOLL !!!!

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  15. AWESOME! Whoever designed this sex doll is a GENIUS! She’s got a thin waist that really brings out that nice big butt and those boobs. If you like them with nice big butts look no further, this sex doll is for you, I promise you will not be disappointed.

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  16. Cora has nice perky tits that feel amazing when you hug her. I got the gel-filled breasts option, which is nice and squeezable, it feels the same as real boobs.
    Kissing her is addictive, Just note that her makeup is actual makeup and not permanent, so you will need to do touch-ups at some point.
    it is easy to make some sex positions with her, it also means you can roll around with her in bed.
    Where Cora benefits are in intimacy. You don’t just fuck your sex doll, you make love to her. Holding her, kissing her, and being able to lock eyes with a small scarf during sex are amazing. And weighting another body to thrust against and cuddle with is something regular sex toys can’t compete with. Definitely the next best thing to a real woman.

    Maybe even a little better – you don’t have to buy her dinner, or listen to her talk about her feelings, I only care about how I feel hahaha:)

    Image #1 from All Gamal
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  17. My love doll arrived via UPS in an adamant brown box. The details on Calypso are amazing, and very lifelike – from her pussy with pubic hair to her mouth and everything in between. I was even surprised by how realistic her ears and tits are. Her eyes are half spheres with cotton padding behind them so it can be tricky getting them exactly where you want, but when you do it can trick your brain into thinking it’s another person looking back at you, her skin is very soft and smooth to the touch, but also a little grippy, like silicone kitchen utensils. To make it easier to caress her body, I found putting her in my favorite sexy underwear worked well when starting her auto-electric hip, kissing her pussy, and getting her wet.

    Image #1 from Jaxon Henriquez
    Image #2 from Jaxon Henriquez
    Image #3 from Jaxon Henriquez
    Image #4 from Jaxon Henriquez
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  18. I chose to order through ESDOLL because they’re a factory directly selling an official store and they take care of the customs and import fees and make buying a sex doll straightforward.
    their AI love doll robots for sale were helpful for my life. Getting gypped when you buy a cheap doll in other adult shops online is one thing, but when buying this expensive customized sex doll, you want to be sure you’re getting what you ordered. I especially liked the factory photo review before they shipped the doll out.

    Image #1 from Aaron Ireland
    Image #2 from Aaron Ireland
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  19. Hi, All
    Just to let you know my doll (Korteny) arrived faster then expected.
    I must say I was surprised on just how life like they truly feel.
    Definitely had to take my time cleaning her up and rubbing her down with baby powder. Quite enjoyable.
    I was gladly surprised, I had ordered Kortney with the long straight blonde wig. Which looks good.
    But you also included another wig, Which was a long curly brown hair wig. I must say thanks,. It looks really nice. I actually like it much better.

    Image #1 from James
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  20. I’m a very impulsive guy, and I ordered the doll in the heat of the moment. Though, never had second thoughts.
    Due to a custom sex doll from the doll factory, The delivery was much faster than expected, took about 12 days since I placed the order.
    Box was very sturdy, and seem to have taken a couple of minor hits, but did not pass through the box, and everything inside was so well packed, And now share the factory doll photos and video, Her figure, the details, everything.
    Dolls usually look like dolls, (including the body), but this one, though she is quite heavy, has the right amount of everything, everywhere.
    doll from the toes to the pubic, boobs, eye, wig, And body each part is very very detailed, thanks ESDOLL!

    Image #1 from Mary Rivers
    Image #2 from Mary Rivers
    Image #3 from Mary Rivers
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  21. I like the doll JingJing! Came in the original brown box and had no visible issues. Can’t say enough about the excellent and quick service. The doll looks as good if not better in real life. And feels great. other than what I have read. So far it’s been great. It’s my first doll so it’s a little bit of learning to manipulate. Your brain knows it’s not read more about the review stating Looks just like the photos are real, but it’s easy to get lost in the experience.

    Image #1 from Dale Mokrey
    Image #2 from Dale Mokrey
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  22. Customizing and ordering 160cm sex doll Miguel shopping processing was quick and easy. Nothing was damaged during shipping and everything arrived within 9 work days. I highly recommend this product to those who like tall curved skinny bodies. All in all, I’m very pleased with my purchase 🙂

    Image #1 from Reptar
    Image #2 from Reptar
    Image #3 from Reptar
    Image #4 from Reptar
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  23. My life girl is lovely and came out better than I had expected. There was no extra fee for the custom skin color, and the doll was very whole at processing to get the details just right.
    I am so extremely amazed at the absolute natural beauty of “Armita”. I had hoped she would be beautiful. I had hoped she would be sexy. I had hoped she would be exquisite. She is all this and more. I am so grateful to esdoll for being so patient and so understanding of all my indecision. I really don’t think any other seller would have beRead more about the review stating Armita…en so tolerant. This is for anyone that is skeptical and uncertain as to the integrity and honesty of Esdoll. This is for everyone that has considered the purchase of a “Companion”. “Armita”, is exactly as I ordered. And absolutely perfect in every way.

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  24. My girl left me and I’ve been in shambles ever since. This product right here has helped me gain my confidence back. She is so soft and she feels better than my girlfriend ever has. I love the adjustable mouth for oral. i recommend this product

    Image #1 from Anderson
    Image #2 from Anderson
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  25. The quality of this doll is realistic and beautiful. It does take almost 8 work days to receive her including factory processing order time. you don’t have to worry about the waiting time…all worthwhile. buy from esdoll and you get the highest quality, most gorgeously beautiful, and the most important. ESDOLL IS THE ONLY COMPANY I WILL EVER PURCHASE FROM IN THE FUTURE. I am so happy with my girl. If you want quality beauty, and a doll that will really last and last… Their Dolls are top-of-the-line. Feel totally comfortable and confident that ESDOLL is beyond excellent.

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  26. The doll arrived yesterday, and today I took a shower and changed her clothes, and put on the clothes I prepared in advance. Oh! … She became a cute sexy girl! I am very grateful for the encounter with “ESDOLL”, purchase and polite communication, etc. And thank all employees who participated in product development and production.

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  27. This is my first purchase of one of the 140cm size steel bone structure smart dolls, this feels real it does when the entry vaginal suck and electric hip ass.
    I can compliment is the booty smack satisfaction, and the customize 140cm doll sale price also enticed me. BUY NOW!! and never be stressed out again with having to deal with ANYONE.. this doll is so good I want to tip..WOWWW!!

    Image #1 from Ryan Smith
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  28. You don’t need to fantasize about your dream girl anymore – she’s right here and all you have to do is ‘add to your cart’ lol! I agree with some other reviews, not the cheapest purchase so things like the after pay are a great option, worked out well for me.

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  29. After a mutual discussion with my wife, we came to a compromise and chose this 170cm height doll rather than a smaller height full-size doll. A fully lifelike doll provides a realism that can really make a sex experience, I am really happy with this 170cm Lena doll and will do my best to take care of her so that she lasts a long time.

    Image #1 from Androw
    Image #2 from Androw
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  30. Overall, I’m very satisfied with my purchase. Can’t really compare it with other doll products but so far I’m very happy with the quality and feel like I got my money’s worth.
    The sale customer sent the factory pictures and I Read more about the review stating Overall I’m very happy to reach out after a while, which added two weeks to the total wait time, but it’s no biggie. As a first-time buyer, I was also very glad for the thorough information and FAQ available on ES DOLL.

    Image #1 from Kristie Tyler
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