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  1. Purchased this doll on a Saturday evening and arrived on Wednesday so shipped pretty fast. Came with two wigs and clothing. Looks same as the pictures except mine came with smaller breasts:(

    Image #1 from m19flores
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    Image #3 from m19flores
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  2. Great doll. Very happy with her! Made her into a redhead for variety.

    Image #1 from mrh102007
    Image #2 from mrh102007
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  3. Purchased this doll between Christmas and new years took longer go get because of the holidays, she arrived Monday the 3rd and looked like her picture, came with 2 wigs 1 blond the other dark brown, very pretty but needed some work, only change I requested was standing feet, she will stand but occasionally knees will buckle and she will fall over. overall after some TLC and a make over, I’m pretty much satisfied with her photo with blond hair was right out of the box the rest after I dressed her up

    Image #1 from David H.
    Image #2 from David H.
    Image #3 from David H.
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    Image #5 from David H.
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  4. Honestly, it’s about the size of a young preteen, female.The sex holes are realistic and tighter, sex position depending on how you bend the legs. The big boobs are the very sexy, though they are a bit more firm than actual boobs. Overall, I would give this a rating of a 4 star.

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  5. There are mouth anus vaginal hole. So 3 in 1 purchase for sex, great!

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  6. Very pleased with this blonde sex doll. Was surprised at how good the vagina feels, pretty close to the real thing. Realistic tits makes it even better. Only thing is I wish it was a little bigger but overall very satisfied.

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  7. actually the same doll as the photo, it does the job and the price is right

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  8. Arrived on time and in good condition. All components accurate as advertised, except the skin tone was a tiny bit darker than expected based on the pictures. Good customer service.

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  9. Not as big as I thought it would have been but it’s feels great. Feels like the real thing so if your are just looking for something to help you out this would be the perfect sex toy

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  10. That look like” exactly what you see in pictures is what you’re going to receive, “happy!

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  11. tried eating it out, and realized it was silicone and not haram. Also, pro tip gamer, don’t eat out after regular use. Also turns out it needs to be cleaned and isn’t self-cleaning. NGL experience was mid, low-key gonna suck off one of my homies.

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  12. Once you take it out you notice that is IS heavy, firm and soft to the touch. this will not disappoint in anyway. the only draw back is, that it is a little hard to clean, but not too bad. Order today you will love it.

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  13. Great doll but she look exactly like the pictures very fast shipped 5 days

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  14. I ordered Avery on 12/21 and she arrived on 12/27, but this is the doll I received. The body and head style are both basically the same, but the doll I received was 2-3 cm shorter than Avery is supposed to be, and came with silver-gray hair. Still very attractive.

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  15. this doll is very good all of the movement’s work will. no problem. this doll is a 8.5 on the scale of 10 being best. my order came in 2 days that is great 10 on shipping. well worth the money. we will see how it goes from hear.. good luck hope you find what u r looking for.. mph

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  16. Requested brown wavy wig, black straight was sent, everything else ok !(

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  17. This is my first purchase of this baby doll, and while with the global situation as it currently is, there were short delays which is understandable and to be expected.

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  18. Fun doll. Though I do wish her tits were a size or two bigger. A lot of fun to just manhandle this doll

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  19. I enjoy the doll a lot, except that the wig doesn’t seem sized right and doesn’t quite fit on her…other than that, everything else seems good.

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  20. For a first sex doll she is awesome. A little heavy but once you get going she’s awesome.

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  21. This is a follow up to my earlier post. I really love this sex doll. The curves and feel of her skin and breasts are perfect. Her breasts are wonderful and soft and make perfect pillows when thrusting into her. She has wide hips that really make a difference when experiencing her. The only cons that I have experienced are that her fingers are very fragile and will become a problem with any use. I ended up pulling the wires out of her fingers because they became tangled and knotted and started to break through. The other problem I have experienced is the removable vagina. It just doesn’t work for me. It gets pushed in or moves around or pushes you back out. I have ended up using her for sex without the removable vagina and I find that to be more enjoyable. I have already ordered another doll that has an internal vagina and it makes a lot of difference to me. I will end up reordering this doll but with an internal vagina. The other issue is the long hair. She is gorgeous with the long hair but after making love to her and sleeping with her overnight it is a rats nest. I have bought her a short hair wig that we use in bed, and I put her long hair wig on when she is cuddling with me on the couch. This doll is a keeper.

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  22. This is my first experience with a love doll. I ordered her on November 21:and she arrived at my home by December 2. She is beautiful and feels wonderful. I bought her at first because I was tired of sleeping alone. I bought an extra head for her that looked very much like her and is her sleeping. This helps with immersion at night. I use the original head during the day. This is a picture of her watching TV with me. I love cuddling with her. The vaginal heater works but is very fragile. The internal body heater does not seem to work. She is fragile in some places so this is a learning process. I bought the removable vagina and am thinking of the internal one for my second doll which I am already planning on. The removal vagina is a pain in the ass to deal with and affects penetration based on where it rests during placement. I ordered the internal moaning feature but don’t like the words and sounds. I would pay more for the ability to program the device to say what I want it to. Since this is a Bluetooth unit I can imagine that there should be some way to do this with a Bluetooth connection to a smart device. She really is beautiful and I love snuggling with her.

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  23. What a babe! Light enough to handle but heavy enough to enjoy! She feels good and looks good!
    Her nipples were not as defined or dark as advertised but not a deal breaker. I am very pleased with this purchase!

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  24. This year has been challenging for us all, so I decided to enjoy my time staying safe with this product recommended to me from Molly at ES Doll customer service. First and foremost:This Complex sex doll weighs 83 pounds, This doll has got it all! three very nicely shaped tunnels for ‘exploration’, and nice proportions as well, making this product resemble the real thing. I particularly like the details on the labia, they move in all the right ways. Initially, I thought the extra flesh where legs are would be strange, but I found that it makes a satisfying slap sensation when you get into the rhythm of it all. The only issue with these is the cleaning. Overall, I would highly recommend this product, it provides an excellent sex experience.

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  25. She is heavy but well done. Now I just have to get an ottoman to store her in.

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  26. So, I just received my new doll. This is the only doll Ive ever owned.
    Wasn’t quite sure what to expect for this price, to be honest. Other than Amazon (being some of the lowest price tags found) ESDOLL was the next up. I decided not to go with an Amazon doll because Ive heard a lot of horror stories.
    Originally, I almost ordered through another site, which would have cost double what I paid here.
    I decided to go with ESDOLL because so many of the customer reviews were very positive (Ive just about read every single one) So thank you, everyone! And of course, the price was right, too.

    Shipping took just over a week. Doll came in good condition, only two things Im not too crazy about is there was one wire poking out of one of the feet upon opening the box, after working it back in under the skin- its fine.
    The other, is the detail work around the vaginal & anal area was a little sloppy. Still looks fine, Im not complaining too much about it. Feels amazing, and still looks sexy.
    This doll did not come with the wig advertised in the photo, although I chose the “AS IS” options. With that said, the eye color wasn’t the same either; She came with blue eyes.. but I like them. I would’ve preferred the red wig though,
    And the “Random” pair of underwear included, are a little large for this doll.. This doesn’t bother me, because Ive already my own outfit for her.

    In conclusion: WOW. This doll is an amazing piece of work! The detail and feel is so realistic its like having the real thing. I will most definitely be ordering from here again in the future. I might go with a 100-130cm doll for concealment and weight reasons, but this one fits fine in my closet, too.
    I wish they had more dolls with smaller breast sizes though, more ‘A-B cups’.
    I Highly recommend this site/doll to anyone considering buying.

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  27. Would be 5 stars but shipping was a mess, she arrived late and with the wrong hair. However, other than that she is perfect in every way. Couldn’t be happier. So realistic, and amazing. Would recommend!

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  28. This doll is of high quality. She is heavy and hard to keep clean so store her in the plastic bag she comes in. I would buy another one. I highly recommend.

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  29. Heavy, but feels great.

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  30. Took a bit long to arrive. But it is amazing! Worth the wait.

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