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Mr. A. Warren
Mr. A. Warren

Its life sized which is good. Also fairly hefty. Everything about it feels realistic too. I'm about 8” and it was perfect fit. I haven't had sex in 2 years and this wasn't the real thing but it reminded me of it a lot. The sex doll with a bouncy little ass and very tight holes that drove me to the edge, once you find it you're going to town. Makes the perfect "smack" when you give it a firm slap, This is really exciting. I had a lot of fun. Crazy suction power! Try in any position! Feels just like the real thing! it's maybe a little small but not that small, and as a nice weight to it ,soft to the touch and squeezing it feels just like the real thing! And cleaning is simple and easy.
I love this lifesize sex doll and highly recommend for anyone looking to switch things up and the price is unbeatable. It arrived a day early. Was quite impressed with the whole transaction. Thanks

1 month ago
J Clayton
J Clayton

I recently purchased the Miguel doll, and I must say, it has exceeded all my expectations! The level of realism in both the Virgin Tight Labia and gel breast is astounding. The attention to detail is truly impressive, making the experience incredibly lifelike.
The strong suction channel adds a whole new dimension to the pleasure, taking the sensations to another level. It's easy to adjust the intensity to suit your preferences, making every session unique and satisfying.
In summary, this is a top-notch masturbator for men that delivers unparalleled pleasure and satisfaction. Whether you're new to the world of adult toys or a seasoned enthusiast, the beautiful sex doll is a must-have for your collection. Highly recommended!

1 month ago

I purchased this sex doll for my husband as a treat, partly as a joke, but also because he's always buying me random male toys so I thought it only fair. We're both very glad that I did!

The texture of this sex doll is great, it isn't small or hard plastic like others before it - very flesh like, and looks so real! My husband actually thought I'd had my own "foo" used as the model for it - I haven't - but that's how life like it is (although I would love to be a model for one).

The inside is textured for that "real feel", afterwards as it literally turns inside out.

Whack away, guys! Treat yourself. You won't be disappointed.

1 month ago

Saw that ESDoll released a new model. Ordered it two weeks ago and just received it. Stunning body , beautiful tits, Can't wait to try it out.

1 month ago

I had the pleasure of trying out this incredible sex doll and I must say, it truly lives up to its reputation. The realistic feel it provides is absolutely amazing, making it a top-notch choice for those seeking an authentic experience. The weight of the toy adds to its lifelike sensation, further enhancing the overall pleasure.

1 month ago

Sex Dolls – Buy Realistic Lifelike Love Doll, Sex Shop Near Me

Welcome to ESDOLL – ES DOLL is the leading supplier of Life Like Sex Dolls & Adult sex Toys worldwide. We have the best TPE & silicone sex dolls that you can buy. We carry an incredible collection of 2000+ lifesize love dolls in all body types, sizes, and jobs. Shop for ultra-realistic sex dolls, love dolls, and various sex toys below, or customize smart sex dolls to perfectly fit your hobby.
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ESDOLL guarantees the best sex doll price to you in the market by eliminating all the middlemen from the product journey. The lifelike sex dolls are manufactured in our factory and delivered to you at wholesale rates.

Quality Materials
The real dolls are manufactured using high-quality TPE and silicone material, which not just give them a realistic appeal, but also make them safe to use. So, you can enjoy a better sex life without any worry.

Express Delivery
We understand your concerns very well. Hence, we commit to the fastest express delivery of adult sex dolls at your doorstep with discreet packaging and billing. You can even track the order to check its status.

Wide Variety
Depending on your needs and preferences, we have assorted the best collection of sex dolls for you. Right from Asian sex dolls to European and American sex dolls and more, we have every type of adult real doll that satisfies your wildest fantasies.

Real Like a Human
Our love doll beauties feel exactly like a real human when you touch or penetrate them. Their skin is so soft that you will love pampering and caressing them the whole night. Use lubes to enhance your sexual experience with the doll.

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FAQ About Sex Dolls and Sex Doll Shopping

What Are Sex Dolls?

Sex dolls (also love dolls ) are defined as human-like, head, full-body, anatomically correct ultra-realistic lifelike love dolls of different soft materials ( blow-up, rubber, silicone, and TPE, etc) and price ranges that are designed for sexual use and spiritual needs.

Why Do You Need Buy Sex Dolls?

It’s a matter of opinion and wisdom as to why you should buy a sex doll, in short, there are many reasons! For example, you might be looking for a love to live out some crazy sex memories that you can’t fulfill with a companion. Or, you might be having trouble finding a girlfriend to connect with. Since realistic human sex dolls can help with loneliness, anxiety, and depression, they could be a way to bring some joy back into your life. Perhaps you lead a busy life and simply don’t have time for the dating scene. You don’t need to make any commitments to a love doll, she has no strings attached to you, and you can get the emotional sustenance and pure sexual satisfaction you want from it.

What Materials Are Sex Dolls Made Of?

All ES Doll’s high-end sex dolls are made with premium thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and traditional silicone materials that simulate the feeling of real skin. There is a difference between realistic TPE and silicone sex dolls, with both supplying trustworthy quality.

What Does Fucking With A Sex Doll Feel Like?

Having sex with dolls as realistic as this is a far cry from the old blow-up dolls or even new-style small sex toy strokers. You’ll be with an female sex doll that looks and feels like a real person. That means all the body parts feel totally authentic — from the jiggly breasts to the bouncing butts and everything else.

What Are Your Best-Selling Sex Dolls?

We offer the best sex dolls for sale online, so all of our products are worthy of your attention and ready to go home with you. That said, you can also check out our best-selling sex dolls to see what our customers are gravitating toward. While the best-selling sex dolls listed may be updated, our commitment to high quality will never change.

Are There Sex Dolls That Look Like Real Humans?

Though all of our sex toy products offer an authentic sexual experience, you can also choose full-body sex dolls that look like real humans. For instance, we provide a selection of celebrity love dolls available, if there’s a specific film & TV, or porn star that you’re dying to get with, we’ll help fuel your fantasy.

Furthermore, Our customize sex doll option choices will let you create your own perfect model figure and personalized face shape to your aesthetic pleasure so you can seek who you’re looking for. Buy ES Doll made sex dolls from us today!

Avoid Sex Doll Scams

We believe we have a responsibility toward our customers to offer the safest and most realistic sex doll shopping experience online. However, this is not something that everyone in the market believes in. There are a lot of scammers online, who are just there to loot you.

Avoid sex dolls scam alert from
When you buy your first sex doll, you may end up receiving poor quality and small size inflatable dolls. Not just this, the scammers may attract you by offering adult silicone dolls at very cheaper rates and may also use your bank details and other information for illegal purposes. They are the ones that involve in fraud activities. Even the sellers you see in the most popular eCommerce stores are not genuine. Hence, you must only buy from stores, like ESDOLL which is completely dedicated to offering lifelike adult dolls at a fair price with complete confidentiality of your information and security of your payments.
ESDOLL is a completely safe site to buy sex dolls online. So, buy it today!

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